Sunday, 19 June 2011

Awards time!

Thanks to the lovely Helen at sweet seashorse I got this award! Check out her blog for cake crochet and family, not unlike myself but in Australia!

Now to nominate my own blog awardees!
Cherie at Fairy Dell
For her utter skills at everything especially recycled crafts- what an imagination!
Alice- at Crochet With Raymond
Oh the colours! And of course the beautiful Raymond the cat!
Tales from Cuckoo land
Gorgeous makes and honest family life!
For dressmaking wonderfullness! I love seeing what she has sewn and it inspires me to get on with my projects- Ru makes sooo much!
Juliab at Peacock Blue
More crochet and family, and a good bloggy read

That's it for a bit, got a BIG Father's day lunch to cook for Mr Amareke...Nigella Lawson's Ham in coke( unbelievable but truly scrumptious( sorry Littlest is obssessed with Chitty chitty bang bang at the moment!), and a trifle to make)

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Was it really less than a fortnight?

What a difference a fortnight makes! Busy busy again, plenty of crafting
 This is an outdoor beading session, making some bits for my lovely niece's birthday- ha ha , see my fabulously pale leg there in the corner? Why don't I see these things before posting??ps, I am sitting on an upside down piece of ultra-bargainous oilcloth...intended to be made into an outdoor picnic mat, but I found I was using it( beach, garden, even indoors!) for picnics etc, and as I haven't backed it, it folds down TINY, so it is staying as it is!
Weather good enough for English strawberries...I do like funny looking veg- mushrooms that look like bottoms, and especially carrots that look like legs, but I adore these strawbs- they seems to be multiple strawbs grown into one, but they also seem to be hearts! ( The one at the top is a "normal" one) Don't you think we miss out when we only buy dull old uniform shaped supermarket fruit and veg?
Then ,I am in the UK after all, it turned cold again, but I do love these tights with my favourite brown shoes, so no complaints!
 Uh oh, new craft obssession- felting!
 These are needle felted bracelets/cuffs. All made to go with outfits I have.
 And I don't take much convincing to add embroidery and buttons. Yeah, I know, embellished felting isn't earth shatteringly original, but I made them, and I love them, and they were my first go at felting. Also, buy some needle felting supplies if you are stressed- jabbing the hell out of something is unsurprisingly good for stress!
 OH MY GOODNESS I have finally got round to taking a pic of the grey and brown ceramic necklace I promised!I hope I have captured the pebble ishness of the beads- yum! I do love a big of organic necklacing!
Blankie is coming on eh?About 3/4 of the width of my (King sized) bed! I reckon I have about one more ball's worth of hooking then some sort of simple edging- I am thinking just double crochet- any suggestions?

Lastly but definately not leastly( is that a word?) 
I have got an award! 
Not sure what I have to do yet, but I will find out!

Congrat for getting this far down!

Monday, 6 June 2011

Beautiful decay

Maybe I am odd, but I find decay can be beautiful.I find older faces more interesting and therefore appealing, and adamantly refuse to buy "anti-aging" products because youth is only one view of beauty. Anyway enough philosophy, where are the pictures?
These are of an old structure? storage barn thing? next to the 1000 yr old church near where I live.Took a stroll( OK to the supermarket to buy cake!) and took these pics through the fence they have erected..I will be sad to see it go when they do demolish it( probably soon)

 This one reminds me of "The Secret Garden" I half expected a bird to appear!
 This one is me trying to be arty with a shot from the bottom of the church bell tower pointing up.

Can you see the plants through the window?

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Pics and progress

Well I promised you here that I would show you some pics, and my recharged batteries have been hard at work today!
 I think I am over my 3/5ths ishness...with help from half term...nothing like non-stop kids tv/Wii/ lego covered floor to get my feet up and hookiness going! It's looking good and big big I might make the long side into the short side and carry on!
 I tried my Rachel John knitting needles- just a trial piece using 10 strands ( enough to top my littlest side table which is just the right height for putting feet up on!) .I was surprised at how easy it was- the yarns I used didn't tangle up at all, and how utterly soft it turned out. It looks so chunky and thick what with it being 10 stranded- no shock there- but it is  just completely scrumptiously soft and snuggly. Also very fast to knit up. Am considering a little bedside rug- how fab would it be for first thing in the morning feet to tread on?
 This is the UFO dc turquoise cushion cover that I mentioned in the last post! 3/4ishness at work there I think!
Got to go- very tired littlest Amareke boy is back from a long day out at a kiddies amusement park with a friend- "arsenic hour" is upon me ("arsenic hour"= after tea but before bed when they are so tired and ratty and fighty, you might even consider slipping them some- ps not my term!)