Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Ok I give in, icy weather pictures and Christmassy sparkles!

 I love, in fact, absolutely insist on utter tacky ,glitzy ,sparkliness on my christmas tree.This one is mine, all red, gold and green.The children's one started pink, then purple and now is also silvery and blue, over the years and whims of the kids. I always give the kids a new ornament each every year, and will until they leave home, then their decorations go with them, and they will start to give me one each year.
 I feel I should write the rest in blue on account of that being the colour of my fingers after about 10 mins outside taking these pictures! The above one is my melty hand print on the trampoline net. I wonder if the gap is the dent my wedding ring has worn over the years.
 How cold does it have to be for an icicle to frost over again???
 Oh my what a lot of spiders my garden fence invisibly  houses most of the year .I was blown away by the frosted web with festive frosty ivy behind it. Sorry spider, I hope you are tucked away somewhere!
 My shed is on its last legs, slats are falling off ( not helped by a summer of boy den making in there) it is so skewy that there is a big triangular gap above the door and a gap above the window but the ice on the window yesterday was astonishing.Look at the detail nature puts into it. It could be a moon photo or arial shot of some deserted artic region!

 Just a tree 2 doors down- Christmas cardish eh?
Proof that all sized feet kids were out! Although these prints do all appear only to point away from my door, I did in fact let them back indoors! ha ha
 Lastly one of those inadvertent pics which turns into a favourite! I clearly moved the camera while taking a tree shot, but hey, if I get tons of light candy canes then who am I to argue? no calories but extra sparkles- oh yeah!

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Littlest is 5!

My youngest (AKA the "last of the littles") has not long turned 5. I like to think I am a bit of an all round crafty goddess(!)...yet slightly less fabulous at cake decorating!Errm to the point of a bit rubbish in the goddess stakes!
But that doesn't stop me producing a sweet something for the littles on their birthdays...because ,frankly, my experience is that birthday person squeals recognition at the picture for a split second, then asks to have a slice with mostly icing( and deftly avoids all the actual cake in said slice). This means I feel justified in my hatred of overpriced supermarket additive cakes...I could rant about promoting unhealthy foods to kids but given the level of food colouring in this latest creation, I will shut up and show you a picture!

Skeleton pants become...

So school had a roman day, I decided to make spats style overshoes as even Romans would be cold in sandals in November in the UK
But DD decided they looked like skeleton pants- what do you think?
But they did look pretty good when I had finished them
The whole outfit
 Errm yes, I am aware how messy the room is...just lots of projects and a peek of NEW SHOES in the background...sorry I  get excited about new shoes!

DS2 funny

My youngest made me giggle this afternoon; he told me he had drawn 3 pictures in reception class today, so I asked him what they were of. He paused and looked puzzled for a bit then replied "paper".. lol, I meant what were the pictures depicting rather than what they were made of, but you can't fault his answer!