Monday, 30 May 2011

Snoring, hail and 3/5thsishness.

I get insomnia, but also fall asleep at funny times. Last night I wasn't feeling sleepy so settled down to watch "A Few Good Men" on the TV. Hmm didn't see the end of it ( I am sure he still " can't handle the truth"!) but woke to what I thought was me snoring, but sounded like thunder.
Looked outside- no rain, just another weird subconscious wake up calls( I get doorbells in dreams that wake me!) Settled down but I definitely heard thunder then- oh boy -it wasn't a dream but a HUGE loud thunder storm from nowhere- hailstones too, and the hail only came for part of it- imagine thunder and lightning but no rain- is that strange?
Anyway I am feeling extremely three-fifths of the way through the blue greens self stripe yarn blanket and I am getting bored...trouble is I am loathe to just put it down for a bit, as I feel a UFO might be upon me if I do! Kind of like the dc cushion cover in turquoises...and the Mondrian inspired thing that is a great pattern- looks just like the squares, but is way too big for a cushion, yet way too small for a blanket!
Camera batteries just went- pics in next post!

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