Saturday, 10 March 2012


I don't know what made me start drawing zombies
 Or why I thought it would make a good keyring- but here are the (pic heavy) results!
 Cut the bits out of your felt stash- I recent found a whole bag of felt I had ahem, "temporarily mislaid" including the hideous yellow with black on ( face colour) from a bargain bag.
 I embroidered the details and embroidered the face pieces on at the same time if that makes sense!
 As it is a keyring I added some cord and a split ring , then sewed most of the way round the front and back pieces of the head, then added a bit of stuffing.

If you want to do it exactly like me you should forget to add the cord and have to squeeze it in between the stitches- I wouldn't recommend this method!
 Then round the edges of the tunic/body and sewed the sleeves/arms leaving a gap/armhole- tell you why in the next pic! Oh I sewed some "rips" onto the tunic first!
 Stuffed the body, then got a bit of aluminium wire(which I had but I get it from folded over the ends and taped with electrical tape stolen from hubby- shh I used it all up, don't tell him!! 
I threaded the wire through the sleeves via the neck opening- just a bit less fiddly,then sewed up the arms.
 Then I sewed the head to the body- nothing neat but zombies aren't neat are they??
 TA DAAAArrrgghhh!
See why I wired the arms?? he he
I decided against having him eat brains( the red felt just visible at the bottom of the cut out pic!) I think it works without.

Mr Strong

Anyone know the Mr Men books by Roger Hargreaves? Well my youngest loves them( as I did as a child) so for World Book Day( they dress up as a book character for school) the only choice was Mr Strong!
 Mr Strong  is red and square and loves eggs!
 So I took the easy route and bought a red pillow case- a pair in fact(£4!) and got some felt and got sewing- couldn't resist a tiny bit of egg yolk padding!
 I think he liked it!
We won the best costume competition- £5 book token- bonus that it is more than I paid for the costume!