Friday, 27 January 2012

Wow busy busy

I love my volunteer roles, I really do...but sometimes there is a chunk of reading to do!

But there has been lots of fact here is finished jewellery making, next to abandoned embroidery , and cards made into gift boxes!

Oh and cake of course! My new colours- they said to use 1g for a 1kg do you measure 1g of thick syrupy food colouring? Well clearly I didn't, but it is less than a blob on the handle of a teaspoon! ha ha

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Stitched tattoos

I fancy a tattoo update- mine is 17odd years old and looking a bit tired, but finances can't justify it at the moment so what is a girl to do? STITCH ONE! OK on fabric, not me but still- this is ongoing but a peak now is called for I think.
 I am most pleased with the swallow- it did take most of the day though
I am going to add some white ...or maybe pink as highlights for the rose- what do you think?

Monday, 2 January 2012

Hyperbolic crochet

Sounds medical doesn't it? It is rather therapeutic! I am sure you will find it if you do a search but basically you do 2 (UK)dc's into every stitch after starting a crochet circle. I didn't understand the instructions- thought something was missed out- but watch how it grows!

This picture shows the crochet (straining to see/guess) about 4 rows in- just about starting to curl at the edges.
 These next ones are just one more row each- hard to believe and a tad hard on your fingers towards the end!

 I stopped there but you can stop where you like

I made a little brooch out of embroidery thread to go with an outfit- dark brown in the middle, and teal just on the last row.

I completely love it- I mean the technique not my own work!

PS my "h" key is sticking- sorry for any mistakes and how do I fix it??