Monday, 15 August 2011


WOOHOO! I have finally finished this cushion
I might get Mr Amareke to take a picture of the finished article later. I dont think I have ever come back to such a neglected project and actually finished can you hate something when you are making it, then fall in love with it once it is finished??

Hmm I think I am going to have to start another big-but-not-brain-engaging project or my hands won't know what to do...I fear my living room may end up looking like 

Did I tell you about the battle of the living room? Mr Amareke and I get on brilliantly ( have to if you count your relationship in decades!) but when it comes to decorating, we tend to take years to agree! I like blues and greens, he likes reds and yellows...neither of us like neutrals much- see the dilemma?
So, we have 2 sofas- one "the blue sofa" and guess what ? we also have "the red sofa", and you have seen the rug ( above)
Obviously most of my crocheting has been for (my) blue sofa...but as that now has 2 blankets and 4 knitted/crocheted cushions, and the red sofa only has one knitted cushion...I think I may have to go red next!

I call them my stress blankets- did you know that repetitive movements are calming?
Stress and knitting 
I am anticipating a certain amount of stress in at least a  couple of roles I have ( being suitably vague) so I need a stress blanket
Ideally I would like a self striping/variagated acrylic yarn in reds but with no brown- any ideas? 

Friday, 12 August 2011

Not ignoring you ,really!

Not only has my camera died, but dd's camera( my borrowing choice) had an accident on holiday so is also broken( got sat on!)
dd did take some holiday pics even with a smashed screen!

 Check out the scale of this wheel- at a restored colliery(really interesting, helped by some very knowledgable and passionate volunteers)

 Little hidden cove- you can sometimes find natural gemstones there( no luck this time though)
 Do you think the boys were keen to get to the beach???

dd being arty with limpets( hmm never thought I would say that sentence!)