Sunday, 18 December 2011

My plants don't know it is December!

OK, I am sure it must be mid December; I mean my living room looked like this( above)
Now it looks like this!
BUT my garden seems to disagree-
 Lettuces?? I mean, they did nothing all summer- why now?
 Sweet peas still in full growing mode- even got a ( admittedly singular) flower from it.
Yet parts of the garden are dying down enough for the annual ball retrieval exercise!

Yet a few days later and I believe it is December! ha ha . My new camera has this cool panoramic thing- good job it is point and click... I am not so technical!

Tree make

It is not what I would call a tutorial- just a simple thing I made , partly because I have bought the world's biggest bag of mixed sequins, but also because we have had a winter vomiting bug, so I needed something to do between boys being sick, yet nothing in any way taxing, due to lack of sleep!
Cut out 2 trees from felt, gather thread, sequins( baubles) and eyelash yarn( tinsel).
Couch( sew on yarn with fine thread ) on the eyelash yarn- I put mine zigzagged across like tinsel. I feel sure you could hot glue this on too.
Sew on sequins as baubles- beads would work too- whatever is to hand. Once again hot glueable I feel sure.
And repeat on the other tree.You could be clever and couch the yarn so it matches up each side to look like it is continuous...or not like me!
 I used fairly uneven running stitch round the edge because I had not had enough sleep to bother with blanket stitch! I was awake enough to remember to leave a gap for the stuffing though.
And stuff- did you see that stage coming? I think I gave it away after the previous pic!
Sew up the left-open-for-stuffing edge. Oh ,I sewed a star( sequin) at the top once it was together- this makes it easier when you are sewing round the edges.I also sewed on a loop at the top for hanging, red yarn was to hand, but ribbon or whatever you fancy/suits your colour scheme would work

DONE- easy huh? I reckon not too young kids would be able to manage this too.


Well here I am again, because I have a new camera! OK that is out of my system, I will show you what I have been doing , through the language of pictures from my new camera( did I mention that already? lol)
 Quiche! The filling was delicious -if I say so myself- but the pastry- eurgh! I just can't get the hang of wheat free pastry .
 So my daughter put me straight as to why gingerbread man (R) is wrong...they don't have waists...I should have just asked her rather than ransacking my biscuit cutters!
 Fun little tree decoration using felt, sequins and eyelash yarn- show you more another day.
Gingerbread man decoration ,buttons felt and embroidery thread...and I did trim that wonky hand bit- just not before I took the picture!