Monday, 6 June 2011

Beautiful decay

Maybe I am odd, but I find decay can be beautiful.I find older faces more interesting and therefore appealing, and adamantly refuse to buy "anti-aging" products because youth is only one view of beauty. Anyway enough philosophy, where are the pictures?
These are of an old structure? storage barn thing? next to the 1000 yr old church near where I live.Took a stroll( OK to the supermarket to buy cake!) and took these pics through the fence they have erected..I will be sad to see it go when they do demolish it( probably soon)

 This one reminds me of "The Secret Garden" I half expected a bird to appear!
 This one is me trying to be arty with a shot from the bottom of the church bell tower pointing up.

Can you see the plants through the window?


  1. Ooh - yes! I love that sort of verdigris-blue-green texture of the weathered paint!

  2. Hi Cathy, I've just passed an award on to you! Check out my most recent blog post for info!
    xXx Helen