Thursday, 2 June 2011

Pics and progress

Well I promised you here that I would show you some pics, and my recharged batteries have been hard at work today!
 I think I am over my 3/5ths ishness...with help from half term...nothing like non-stop kids tv/Wii/ lego covered floor to get my feet up and hookiness going! It's looking good and big big I might make the long side into the short side and carry on!
 I tried my Rachel John knitting needles- just a trial piece using 10 strands ( enough to top my littlest side table which is just the right height for putting feet up on!) .I was surprised at how easy it was- the yarns I used didn't tangle up at all, and how utterly soft it turned out. It looks so chunky and thick what with it being 10 stranded- no shock there- but it is  just completely scrumptiously soft and snuggly. Also very fast to knit up. Am considering a little bedside rug- how fab would it be for first thing in the morning feet to tread on?
 This is the UFO dc turquoise cushion cover that I mentioned in the last post! 3/4ishness at work there I think!
Got to go- very tired littlest Amareke boy is back from a long day out at a kiddies amusement park with a friend- "arsenic hour" is upon me ("arsenic hour"= after tea but before bed when they are so tired and ratty and fighty, you might even consider slipping them some- ps not my term!)

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