Sunday, 19 June 2011

Awards time!

Thanks to the lovely Helen at sweet seashorse I got this award! Check out her blog for cake crochet and family, not unlike myself but in Australia!

Now to nominate my own blog awardees!
Cherie at Fairy Dell
For her utter skills at everything especially recycled crafts- what an imagination!
Alice- at Crochet With Raymond
Oh the colours! And of course the beautiful Raymond the cat!
Tales from Cuckoo land
Gorgeous makes and honest family life!
For dressmaking wonderfullness! I love seeing what she has sewn and it inspires me to get on with my projects- Ru makes sooo much!
Juliab at Peacock Blue
More crochet and family, and a good bloggy read

That's it for a bit, got a BIG Father's day lunch to cook for Mr Amareke...Nigella Lawson's Ham in coke( unbelievable but truly scrumptious( sorry Littlest is obssessed with Chitty chitty bang bang at the moment!), and a trifle to make)


  1. thank you for the lovely award!!! I always feel really lucky that people like my blog enough to think of me! It's very sweet. No, not tooooo busy, but sometimes too busy to take photos of the things I've been making! I'm back now though!!!
    Lots of love from Alice and Raymond XXXXX

  2. Thank you so much for the award! It's always so lovely to receive an award, such a marvellous feeling.

    Nigella ham in coke is the biz, I'm yet to try it with cherry coke, allegedly it's every bit as yummy.

    Big does a fab "truly scrumptious" kiss. His lips come out like a beak!!


  3. Thanks so much for the blog award. Really appreciate it.

    I was talking to my youngest today about when we went to see the Chitty Chitty Bang Bang car at a car museum - she was two at the time and obsessed with the film. I think she watched it every day for about 5 weeks solid! The look on her face when she saw the car in real life was priceless. Unfortunately she can't remember going there now, but she loved hearing me reminisce. So glad you've had a good day. x

  4. Ooh err. I know I posted a comment the other week. Thanks Cathy love, I am dead chuffed. Still making rubbish into gorgeousness :-)