Saturday, 18 June 2011

Was it really less than a fortnight?

What a difference a fortnight makes! Busy busy again, plenty of crafting
 This is an outdoor beading session, making some bits for my lovely niece's birthday- ha ha , see my fabulously pale leg there in the corner? Why don't I see these things before posting??ps, I am sitting on an upside down piece of ultra-bargainous oilcloth...intended to be made into an outdoor picnic mat, but I found I was using it( beach, garden, even indoors!) for picnics etc, and as I haven't backed it, it folds down TINY, so it is staying as it is!
Weather good enough for English strawberries...I do like funny looking veg- mushrooms that look like bottoms, and especially carrots that look like legs, but I adore these strawbs- they seems to be multiple strawbs grown into one, but they also seem to be hearts! ( The one at the top is a "normal" one) Don't you think we miss out when we only buy dull old uniform shaped supermarket fruit and veg?
Then ,I am in the UK after all, it turned cold again, but I do love these tights with my favourite brown shoes, so no complaints!
 Uh oh, new craft obssession- felting!
 These are needle felted bracelets/cuffs. All made to go with outfits I have.
 And I don't take much convincing to add embroidery and buttons. Yeah, I know, embellished felting isn't earth shatteringly original, but I made them, and I love them, and they were my first go at felting. Also, buy some needle felting supplies if you are stressed- jabbing the hell out of something is unsurprisingly good for stress!
 OH MY GOODNESS I have finally got round to taking a pic of the grey and brown ceramic necklace I promised!I hope I have captured the pebble ishness of the beads- yum! I do love a big of organic necklacing!
Blankie is coming on eh?About 3/4 of the width of my (King sized) bed! I reckon I have about one more ball's worth of hooking then some sort of simple edging- I am thinking just double crochet- any suggestions?

Lastly but definately not leastly( is that a word?) 
I have got an award! 
Not sure what I have to do yet, but I will find out!

Congrat for getting this far down!


  1. Hi Cathy, all you need to do is link back to the person / blog giving the award (ie Me!) and nominate 5 of your favourite blogs to receive it and link to them also. There didn't seem to be any specific way of advising the recipients of the award so I just sent a quick message to all of the people I awarded it to!
    xXx Helen

  2. Your blanket and your felting look great. I have to admit that I probably would have given up on the king size bed blanket and ended up making a cot or single bed one instead :) And those strawberries look delicious. Wonky ones like those are especially fun for kids, and big kids too!
    xXx Helen