Sunday, 20 March 2011

Just popping in to tell you about...

Craft Pimp Forum
Fun place to come and show off your makes!

My back has been very sore recently and I havent quite managed to get it back to normal yet ( as I usually can) so hopefully some pics soon

Friday, 4 March 2011

Finger moustaches!

Having a busy old time being Mum and school governor still...managed some time for daftness- may I present finger moustaches and lips!
 Ha ha, can you see the top right sketch? I clearly decided it looked more like Barbie hair than a moustache! Oh and the bottom one is a pen version! They are going down a storm at Amareke jnr's school!
'Tache in action!
 My cup of minty tea was accompanied by a rather indulgent cake selection; chocolate cake that I added nuts and coconut and sultanas into( that makes it healthy right?) and a whoopie pie...nope, not even I can justify that one!
And finally a quick looksie at a cuff I made for me me me! I had made the little cross stitch space invaders ( well they are pixelated so translate easily!), but couldnt decide what to do with them, I have made some Mario images into little brooches, but I really liked the space invaders together- they just work I wimped out and stiched them onto black felt and used velcro as a fastening. I do rather like it though!