Thursday, 5 May 2011

Still here!

Mostly been finishing off an order for a shop I supply- big one with a time constraint - but sent it off this morning so back to...
 bluesy crochet blanket- 25x 5inch standard granny squares, then I decided to make it bigger by adding little quad squares between- 80 squares later my main colours were running out so I found the "dotty" white one with blue and green flecks...then decided I wanted to edge it and came across...
 this fab find- all the right colours and 300g for £5! I have no problem using acrylic- suits my budget( err what budget??) and my lifestyle ( ie machine washable!lol) so ner ner ner to anyone who wants to hate acrylic !
Anyway I have gone round edging( in granny stripes as I partly want to edge and mostly want to make it bigger without any more squares!
 OOOh played lego with the boys- l-r  my car( the doors even open!), umm a fab vehicle thing and a plane "with a camera"- ah yes, son, one of those camera planes??!!
 Ok I opened some birthday pressies early but it wasn't my fault they weren't gift wrapped!crobots on amazon
 fab book with such a fun way of explaining the construction "blueprint" fab! Cant wait to get going
 Other stuff included a St. George's day fun day at a local park- "we" made a shield and got a balloon sword, then watched the display dogs, had a ride on a fair train, ate ice cream and played on the swings etc- great day with my little man( big man at a party and big girl out with friends)ps, yes I am still sulking about my fab dress(in the background) that should be wonderful and looks like a 1970's nightie!
 I realy didnt notice the finger marks on the mini eggs till I uploaded the pics- anyway I had some help making these and even more help eating them!


  1. Your little man knows what he is on about. Police helicopters have cameras that can record everything they fly over and can be zoomed in up to several kilometres. Love your HUGE ball of wool! Don't you love a bargain?

  2. Oh yes you are right- especially round here! The cameras are probably a bit smaller than his...probably not made of lego either...I'll shut up now!lol