Friday, 20 May 2011

The fabulousness of craft overdosing!

Went to the ICHF fair- I am shattered, but it was completely worth it.
I Love the atmosphere of a huge room of everyone craft loving and no-one asking why you "bother" making things when you can buy it cheaper/easier.
Today I have mostly been buying
>Giant "extreme knitting needles" from Rachel John who is one of those amazing zingy sparkly-eyed people who is just ultra passionate about her craft - brilliant!
> fab ceramic rondelle beads from Totally Beads they are big and glossy but organic looking. The ones I chose have lots of grey ones in ( to go with an outfit) but also white with lilac on , greens and browns- yummy! They are shiny and tactile like wet stones on a beach.
>A little bag of Merino tops and silk threads from Val Hughes who did a felting demo while fielding my stoopid questions, and giving tips on how to felt, and embellish afterwards( she likes to embroider on hers) 
> also just had to get some dark chocolate with brazil nuts!

I might take some pictures once I have made something, but I am staying here with my feet up basking in the glorious craftiness of the day right now! 


  1. Sounds like you had a fabulous time. I know what you mean, so far I don't have too many people who really "get" my obsession with crochet. But I still bore everyone anyway! Several years ago, when I was more into beads than into yarn, there was a bead show I wanted to go to, but discovered that it had already been and gone from Melbourne but was going to be in Brisbane in a month or so. Brisbane is about 1600km north of Melbourne, so I was thinking "Oh, I've missed it." Then I thought to myself that as I didn't have any dependants, I didn't have any plans otherwise and at that point I could afford it, why not just fly to Brisbane for the weekend. Anyway I did and I had a great time, but no one really understood then either.

  2. 1600km? wow that is devotion- but I understand! There was a man( partner of a woman buying beads) who made a comment about his partner taking ages choosing beads...which was met by a stoney silence from all the other women at the stall!