Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Heart stopping moments and more bluesy blankies

Ever lost sight of a child for even a moment? Had one of those in the school yard- felt like hours but was probably a few minutes- anyway my heart has started beating again now and I am overwhelmingly glad to see this on the living room carpet!
Yes well the boys' shoes only have to stay together a matter of weeks now!lol

Anyway a reveal moment - my granny blanket( which I might have just got bored of doing the edging of and decided it was quite big enough!), with an owl cushion made by my sister for my birthday. She lives 200 miles away and didn't know I was making the blanket, less still the colour scheme of it! We have always been connected like this but I love it when we don't even realise we are.
 So, I had plenty of the self striping yarn left so I couldn't help but start another blanket- I just had this urge and cast on about 250 chains! Now doing a simple pattern of one triple crochet and one chain, then the opposite on the next row- does that make sense? Anyway a sort of brick effect, and easy to sit and do without much thought- sometimes I need an easy project like that. don't you?
 Oh the photo is really to show you my fab and fantastic original 1950's leather bucket bag- I love it so much, I do love the shape and simplicity of the design, but mainly I love that it was my mum's and I remember it as long as I can remember. She bought it in Jersey and got one for her mum too( I have both- how lucky am I?)
 Did I show you this? My pillow sized cushion that was supposed to be a blanket but I lost the will to carry on? Anyway I wanted it to be bright and modern- not what people associate with crochet!
AAAnd the other side...subtle eh? ha ha 
 Not my ideas- from this book

That's all for a bit- going to a fab crafty day at aintree very soon, will report back!

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  1. Oh yes, those heart stopping moments, it would be nice if we never had to experience them at all. I love your blanket, and I understand perfectly about getting bored with the edging. Hope the craft show is great, keep us updated. xXx Helen