Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Nearer to being finished!

 I "coloured in" the anchor...looks OK but I don't think I would sew it again...just not as appealing as the swallow   . 
Added light pink highlights onto the rose- cuckoo,    you were right about the pink!( cannot get this text next to the rose pic- I make things, excuse the techno idiocy!)
 Made some bracelets for my sister...well made the ones on the right for her birthday, and repaired the ones on the left cos she is rough with them!lol
 Carved beads- perhaps cinnabar beads- given to me (in a bag of broken bits and bobs) by a lovely neighbour. I needed a plain red necklace for wearing with red and navy clothes- I like it and that it is recycled.
 Rather a treat to have these fab softly faceted BIG tiger eye beads to reuse( given by my best friend) . I am not one for fussing with natural beauty, so a few frosted glass seed beads and I was done. Might wear it with a plain dark brown dress I have( £2.50 from a charity shop- result!)
More pearls for my pearl obsessed sister- just basic stringing but it was what she wanted...the customer is always right- especially when you are related!

I am working on some new ideas for potentially selling at a local shop- might go quiet until they are ready.TTFN

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  1. Those carved beads are lovely. Sometimes I look at beads and think "How hideous" but when they are strung together they can be fabulous. I restrung an orange beaded necklace for my grandmother a few years ago. I couldn't understand why anyone would make such hideous beads let alone wear them, but when the necklace was finished it looked quite nice and even more fabulous when she wears it.
    xXx Helen