Sunday, 19 February 2012

Life is a roller coaster!

I always said that I would rather my life be a roller coaster than a roundabout...fate has been granting my wish this past week; it turns out the car window was SHOT out by a local kid with an air rifle we think, he had another go ( and missed) at our front window on Tuesday night- got the frame and the attention of all our neighbours and the Police! This sort of thing is bound to provoke and emotional reaction ...but I was /am surprised how utterly angry I find myself- not really at the child( rumoured to be a local primary( 11 or under) aged kid)- what chance in life has that child got if his parents let him( or are unaware he is) out at 10 and 11pm with a gun?

 Onwards and upwards! I decided to organise my embroidery threads- I reused a box that I under-used for beads. I also cut up a couple of sheets of card I already had to make bobbins. IT TOOK AGES! This is 2 hours in!
 About 4 hours later I had finished- I do love rainbows - but goodness it is easier to find the colours I am after, and definitely worth spending the time on. And it looks pretty!Up moment.
 Yes I know, not quite right eh? The idea I like- little fabric Owl keyring, the fabric I like, but it looks sort of too small? odd shape? Down again!
 Ohhh use a thread you have just organised, the box called, so I found a fab colour, blanket stitched round then dc'ed round ( one in each blanket stitch) with a couple extra on the ear points to get round the corners properly. Up again!
 Lots of papery bits to bin- do they have a name I wonder?

Anyway , my roller coaster week is ending on a high at least!

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  1. We had a pack of teenagers try throw a lump of concrete over our back fence at the laundry window. They missed thank goodness but it definitely made me as sad as it made me mad. What kind of life do they hav that this behavious is acceptable.
    But crafty rainbows are an upside for sure!