Sunday, 12 February 2012

Liverpool Cathedral inspiration

 I've been to Liverpool Cathedral with the kids, partly as a day out and partly for inspiration. So here are some pics I took before the camera batteries died!

 I love these carvings, I have never been very successful working with wood but if I could...
 These are floor tile patterns- all different ones throughout the Cathedral- wouldn't they make great quilting patterns?
 An action shot with my toes and crutch! Ha ha
 Aren't the patterns fab? Not that I can take credit from them, but I will be taking inspiration. My boots- I have been wearing them since autumn, they are brown/grey and seem to go with everything- love these boots!
 Obsessed with the floor patterns! Simple but lovely!
Me using the panoramic function of my camera but vertically. There is quite a Hogwarts(Harry Potter) vibe about these stairs- I think it every time we visit- and part of me expects them to move like Hogwarts stairs do!

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  1. I'm always dashing around and don't notice things like this until I slow down and just take everything in (which isn't often!). So many different patterns which are definitely inspiring. My Dad is from Liverpool, I have been but not to the cathedral. It looks like a great place to visit, would love to see the staircase in real life. This post reminds me that I still have some photos of Wells Cathedral to blog about. Have a fab rest of the weekend. xx