Friday, 27 January 2012

Wow busy busy

I love my volunteer roles, I really do...but sometimes there is a chunk of reading to do!

But there has been lots of fact here is finished jewellery making, next to abandoned embroidery , and cards made into gift boxes!

Oh and cake of course! My new colours- they said to use 1g for a 1kg do you measure 1g of thick syrupy food colouring? Well clearly I didn't, but it is less than a blob on the handle of a teaspoon! ha ha

1 comment:

  1. Clearly you have been a very busy lady! And I do love a colourful cake. I used to colour almost every cake or pancake I made but not so much lately. One teaspoon is supposed to be the equivalent of 5ml and when you have weight conversion scales usually it is 1g per 1ml. So your blob on the end of the teaspoon was probably exactly the right amount!
    xXx Helen