Monday, 30 May 2011

Snoring, hail and 3/5thsishness.

I get insomnia, but also fall asleep at funny times. Last night I wasn't feeling sleepy so settled down to watch "A Few Good Men" on the TV. Hmm didn't see the end of it ( I am sure he still " can't handle the truth"!) but woke to what I thought was me snoring, but sounded like thunder.
Looked outside- no rain, just another weird subconscious wake up calls( I get doorbells in dreams that wake me!) Settled down but I definitely heard thunder then- oh boy -it wasn't a dream but a HUGE loud thunder storm from nowhere- hailstones too, and the hail only came for part of it- imagine thunder and lightning but no rain- is that strange?
Anyway I am feeling extremely three-fifths of the way through the blue greens self stripe yarn blanket and I am getting bored...trouble is I am loathe to just put it down for a bit, as I feel a UFO might be upon me if I do! Kind of like the dc cushion cover in turquoises...and the Mondrian inspired thing that is a great pattern- looks just like the squares, but is way too big for a cushion, yet way too small for a blanket!
Camera batteries just went- pics in next post!

Saturday, 28 May 2011

still waiting

I wore the necklace I made with the pebble looked great...cant tell? it is just over there > see? err no that will be because I havent taken a pic yet! Difficult week and that's all I am saying! Have been crocheting the easy self-striping blanket though- great stress relief but more of the same of a blanket doesnt make for an exciting pic does it?
There you go, an exciting picture! I am working on this fluoro pink satin rattail cord for a commission ..."thick and twisty" is how she wants it! I am on mark 4 at the moment. It is an interesting commission, just a bit of eye burning to deal with!

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Just to let you know...

I have started another blog- just some daft nonsense the kids ( oh and sometimes I ) say round here!
Listen to what I am thinking

Dr who is still as scary then!

I remember hiding behind a cushion too- I love that the cushion is there but he is looking round it!
It reminds me of when we went to an exhibition of Dr Who "baddies" costumes...everyone my age gave a wide berth to the Daleks!
Not sure Amareke girl looks too convinced it isn't real either!

Ps I have made a necklace with the pebbly bead I bought at Aintree- I will take a pic soon then share it.

Friday, 20 May 2011

The fabulousness of craft overdosing!

Went to the ICHF fair- I am shattered, but it was completely worth it.
I Love the atmosphere of a huge room of everyone craft loving and no-one asking why you "bother" making things when you can buy it cheaper/easier.
Today I have mostly been buying
>Giant "extreme knitting needles" from Rachel John who is one of those amazing zingy sparkly-eyed people who is just ultra passionate about her craft - brilliant!
> fab ceramic rondelle beads from Totally Beads they are big and glossy but organic looking. The ones I chose have lots of grey ones in ( to go with an outfit) but also white with lilac on , greens and browns- yummy! They are shiny and tactile like wet stones on a beach.
>A little bag of Merino tops and silk threads from Val Hughes who did a felting demo while fielding my stoopid questions, and giving tips on how to felt, and embellish afterwards( she likes to embroider on hers) 
> also just had to get some dark chocolate with brazil nuts!

I might take some pictures once I have made something, but I am staying here with my feet up basking in the glorious craftiness of the day right now! 

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Heart stopping moments and more bluesy blankies

Ever lost sight of a child for even a moment? Had one of those in the school yard- felt like hours but was probably a few minutes- anyway my heart has started beating again now and I am overwhelmingly glad to see this on the living room carpet!
Yes well the boys' shoes only have to stay together a matter of weeks now!lol

Anyway a reveal moment - my granny blanket( which I might have just got bored of doing the edging of and decided it was quite big enough!), with an owl cushion made by my sister for my birthday. She lives 200 miles away and didn't know I was making the blanket, less still the colour scheme of it! We have always been connected like this but I love it when we don't even realise we are.
 So, I had plenty of the self striping yarn left so I couldn't help but start another blanket- I just had this urge and cast on about 250 chains! Now doing a simple pattern of one triple crochet and one chain, then the opposite on the next row- does that make sense? Anyway a sort of brick effect, and easy to sit and do without much thought- sometimes I need an easy project like that. don't you?
 Oh the photo is really to show you my fab and fantastic original 1950's leather bucket bag- I love it so much, I do love the shape and simplicity of the design, but mainly I love that it was my mum's and I remember it as long as I can remember. She bought it in Jersey and got one for her mum too( I have both- how lucky am I?)
 Did I show you this? My pillow sized cushion that was supposed to be a blanket but I lost the will to carry on? Anyway I wanted it to be bright and modern- not what people associate with crochet!
AAAnd the other side...subtle eh? ha ha 
 Not my ideas- from this book

That's all for a bit- going to a fab crafty day at aintree very soon, will report back!

Thursday, 5 May 2011

So I am just doing a web search for triangular sequins...

To use as eyes on a potential crobot...and who would have thought that metallic copper reindeer sequins existed!
"Just sayin'" as amareke girl says!

Still here!

Mostly been finishing off an order for a shop I supply- big one with a time constraint - but sent it off this morning so back to...
 bluesy crochet blanket- 25x 5inch standard granny squares, then I decided to make it bigger by adding little quad squares between- 80 squares later my main colours were running out so I found the "dotty" white one with blue and green flecks...then decided I wanted to edge it and came across...
 this fab find- all the right colours and 300g for £5! I have no problem using acrylic- suits my budget( err what budget??) and my lifestyle ( ie machine washable!lol) so ner ner ner to anyone who wants to hate acrylic !
Anyway I have gone round edging( in granny stripes as I partly want to edge and mostly want to make it bigger without any more squares!
 OOOh played lego with the boys- l-r  my car( the doors even open!), umm a fab vehicle thing and a plane "with a camera"- ah yes, son, one of those camera planes??!!
 Ok I opened some birthday pressies early but it wasn't my fault they weren't gift wrapped!crobots on amazon
 fab book with such a fun way of explaining the construction "blueprint" fab! Cant wait to get going
 Other stuff included a St. George's day fun day at a local park- "we" made a shield and got a balloon sword, then watched the display dogs, had a ride on a fair train, ate ice cream and played on the swings etc- great day with my little man( big man at a party and big girl out with friends)ps, yes I am still sulking about my fab dress(in the background) that should be wonderful and looks like a 1970's nightie!
 I realy didnt notice the finger marks on the mini eggs till I uploaded the pics- anyway I had some help making these and even more help eating them!