Sunday, 18 December 2011

Tree make

It is not what I would call a tutorial- just a simple thing I made , partly because I have bought the world's biggest bag of mixed sequins, but also because we have had a winter vomiting bug, so I needed something to do between boys being sick, yet nothing in any way taxing, due to lack of sleep!
Cut out 2 trees from felt, gather thread, sequins( baubles) and eyelash yarn( tinsel).
Couch( sew on yarn with fine thread ) on the eyelash yarn- I put mine zigzagged across like tinsel. I feel sure you could hot glue this on too.
Sew on sequins as baubles- beads would work too- whatever is to hand. Once again hot glueable I feel sure.
And repeat on the other tree.You could be clever and couch the yarn so it matches up each side to look like it is continuous...or not like me!
 I used fairly uneven running stitch round the edge because I had not had enough sleep to bother with blanket stitch! I was awake enough to remember to leave a gap for the stuffing though.
And stuff- did you see that stage coming? I think I gave it away after the previous pic!
Sew up the left-open-for-stuffing edge. Oh ,I sewed a star( sequin) at the top once it was together- this makes it easier when you are sewing round the edges.I also sewed on a loop at the top for hanging, red yarn was to hand, but ribbon or whatever you fancy/suits your colour scheme would work

DONE- easy huh? I reckon not too young kids would be able to manage this too.

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