Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Where am I?

Oh the plans! 
I have never had a problem with ideas- or motivation in general- sometimes I have an idea and it is made the same day. I have been known to "have" to make a necklace in the morning to go with the outfit I am wearing that day...and made it and wore it!
I also made a notebook/file/diary holder within 2 hours from idea to finished article( pics to follow if I ever get over the fear or technology and have a go at hubby's camera!) Well I get paperwork from 3 kids at school, Governors, Scrutiny committee, Commission related ,family and general bills etc, so I made a notebook holder( I'm never without a paper and pen-   this is just a bigger version) it also fits my diary in( things get booked up and I have a memory like a sieve), all good- loving it when a plan comes together( remember the A Team?)
 But now I am in a position where I want to earn money again. I have health issues that limit things to a certain extent, and I am not keen to miss out on too much oof my young kids' lives- they spend so little time being little. So I want to earn from my creativity- THAT'S THE PROBLEM
I have;
book and story ideas
jewellery making party ideas
school project ideas
shop supply ideas
educational resources ideas
BUT I dont know where to start

So I am trying to write the constitution for a new PTA type group in a local school that I have just volunteered to be secretary for

People often seems to be stuck creatively but they all seem to be short of creativity and I think I have too much! 
Any Ideas where to start?

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  1. No good asking me! I have way too many ideas and not enough time and I'm a procrastinator and hopeless at organising stuff. Really hope you get this figured out!