Saturday, 17 September 2011


Spellings with my 8 year old have always been a bit of a chore- we start on Mondays and practice at least 3 times until the tests on Fridays.
This week they had homonyms- oh boy! So they have to understand the different meaning to be able to spell the right one. 
By Tuesday we had got him to stop spelling "Wright" for putting words on a page/ correct!
Wednesday we found that his passion for electronics was helpful for spelling " I LED you round the circuit board" LED( little electronics light) get it? ( well he did so that was the point).
On Thursday I was ready to quit when this happened
"Through- what can you see through the window?"( as opposed to threw a ball)

" A house" can back the answer! Hmm - advice of the day- don't try to argue logic with young lads!

p.s. "ower" is not how you spell "belonging to us"! 

Anyone else love the English language!

pps mini Amareke won't believe that scissors has a C in it 

ppps I am beginning to understand why teachers send this stuff home to do!! ha ha  

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