Monday, 15 August 2011


WOOHOO! I have finally finished this cushion
I might get Mr Amareke to take a picture of the finished article later. I dont think I have ever come back to such a neglected project and actually finished can you hate something when you are making it, then fall in love with it once it is finished??

Hmm I think I am going to have to start another big-but-not-brain-engaging project or my hands won't know what to do...I fear my living room may end up looking like 

Did I tell you about the battle of the living room? Mr Amareke and I get on brilliantly ( have to if you count your relationship in decades!) but when it comes to decorating, we tend to take years to agree! I like blues and greens, he likes reds and yellows...neither of us like neutrals much- see the dilemma?
So, we have 2 sofas- one "the blue sofa" and guess what ? we also have "the red sofa", and you have seen the rug ( above)
Obviously most of my crocheting has been for (my) blue sofa...but as that now has 2 blankets and 4 knitted/crocheted cushions, and the red sofa only has one knitted cushion...I think I may have to go red next!

I call them my stress blankets- did you know that repetitive movements are calming?
Stress and knitting 
I am anticipating a certain amount of stress in at least a  couple of roles I have ( being suitably vague) so I need a stress blanket
Ideally I would like a self striping/variagated acrylic yarn in reds but with no brown- any ideas? 

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  1. Well done, I love the blue stripes. I am a bit partial to blues and greens myself, but I also love bright pinks and reds, not so much yellow. If you make something for the red sofa Mr Amereke might be suitably grateful!
    xXx Helen