Wednesday, 13 April 2011

What have I been doing?

 I am strangely not surprised yet astonished that I have spent an entire week tidying the living room and the boys' bedroom! BUT the living room needed to be free from the huge (Ikea Expedit 5x5 cube size) shelving unit- as seen taken apart in the hall( taking up most of the hall!) PHEW! thankfully now stored in the garage for future reuse ...maybe shelves for crafty books- in negotiation with himself.
Meantime we have been having a "staycation" i.e. a stay at home holiday, so pics time- dd drawing on
Formby Squirrel woods and beach A National Trust owned woods with a duney beach too- perfect for all the family.
 Miles of beach- my family are those blobs...err not in a rude way, in a "can't see them they are so far away" way!
 They must do some shelter making sessions as we saw a couple of these. The kids were half expecting to see a hobbit or two!
 Ever had trouble seeing your camera screen in bright sunshine? Well I did, so this is a shot of actual seagulls playing in the therms, rather than one of many blue sky shots when I missed the birds!
 Obviously they need to manage the woodland, so there were some trees cut down- fair enough...but how weird is this cross section, we think it looks like a surprised cat- what do you think?

 Day two staycation was at Spaceport at Seacombe   
Wallace and Gromit went down especially well with L who adores everything Nick Park  at the moment.
 This here is ferns at Thurstaton Common
Here are some more views.
 Ok Can't resist some more Wallace and Gromit pics- such a fab day!


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