Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Cake and crochet- yeah!

Who could top a day of cake and crochet?
Wanna see some pics???Course you do!

Use cornflour to roll out icing- less sticky than icing sugar.
My method to get cheap character cake which is wheat-free( so I get some!) and the kids seems to like
1) trace an image ( mine is from the computer) then use a pointy stick to trace image impression on freshly iced cake( err bought icing of course...but I did roll it out!).

2)Colour in outlines with icing pen and food colouring

3)Paint colours on with food colouring and paintbrush

4)Remember to open food colouring bottles with a cloth or your hand will look like this!

5) Put on matching theme table cloth to remind everyone what it is supposed to be!

Where is the crochet I hear you ask?
Note to self, put pics in chronological order

I think I like the colours
 I like the colours more ,the more I go on...not frogging anything though so I had better get used to them! First I wasn't sure about the denim blue, then the green, now the yellow..yet somehow together I like them!


  1. Cake and crochet - could it get any better?! Love your crochet colours and the cake looks fab. Hope your little one was pleased.

  2. Cool cake!
    I am decorating a cake for my in laws 50 anniversary!!
    Keep it simple methinks!!