Friday, 4 March 2011

Finger moustaches!

Having a busy old time being Mum and school governor still...managed some time for daftness- may I present finger moustaches and lips!
 Ha ha, can you see the top right sketch? I clearly decided it looked more like Barbie hair than a moustache! Oh and the bottom one is a pen version! They are going down a storm at Amareke jnr's school!
'Tache in action!
 My cup of minty tea was accompanied by a rather indulgent cake selection; chocolate cake that I added nuts and coconut and sultanas into( that makes it healthy right?) and a whoopie pie...nope, not even I can justify that one!
And finally a quick looksie at a cuff I made for me me me! I had made the little cross stitch space invaders ( well they are pixelated so translate easily!), but couldnt decide what to do with them, I have made some Mario images into little brooches, but I really liked the space invaders together- they just work I wimped out and stiched them onto black felt and used velcro as a fastening. I do rather like it though!


  1. those moustaches are fabulous!!! I love them! I sell packs of them at my work but they are not as cool as these!
    I just found about the tsunami warning, I'm wondering if not much will come of it, but I'm so sad for the people of Japan, what devestation
    Have a lovely week XXXXX

  2. Hello Cathy! I love how your little one thinks I'm Alice and Wonderland, not many people know my secret identity, but some do guess!!!!!

  3. Oh you are so funny!
    I want to make some of these for my wedding day- highly silly, very amusing and guaranteed to make people have fun!

    Love it!

    Found your blog from the craft pimp forum :)

    Consider me now following!!!!

  4. How hilarious! Oh My, I'm going to make some taches for my boys. Just brilliant.

    Yes, nuts, coconut and sultanas absolutly turn all the butter and sugar into a vitamin enriched power food. Long live the cake I say!

    As for the cakes you commented on in my blog, I do put weight on when making them as even though I rarely get a slice of it once it's at it;s destination I always eat the trimmings as I'm making them. it's a disaster, I end up shaking from a sugar rush and having furry teeth. But I can't resist those slivers of icing laying about taunting me.


  5. Those moustaches are awesome! Great for party bags or Xmas cracker gifts. Definitely won't be forgetting those in a hurry! Thanks so much for dropping by to my blog. x