Saturday, 26 February 2011

No excuses!

No surprises to me how long since I visited blogland, been superbusy with Governor duties, and everything tends to take longer when you are new at it doesn't it?
I haven't just been studying and school flavoured busifying....

Been cooking with  the kids- we had an indoor picnic!
 "Squashed fly biscuits"- shortbread with sultanas!
 Veg and bacon mix the kids love over pasta
 Choc chip cupcakes and cheese star scones- yum!
 It was all very yummy!
 We even had "proper" invitations- lovely way to spend a rainy day!
 Did some crochet- this is a granny square mini blanket I suppose, using up a stash of superchunky sirdir yarn and a 20mm hook! It is pictured on the back of my big sofa.
 Got a bit obsessed with tessilation, I soo love my cheapy square paper notebook!
 Finally found some signs of life in the garden- cute snowdrops...
 and signs of last year's summer long since lost behind an overgrown bush- BUT the council are starting up garden waste bins collection next week so we might even do some hacking back and fetch the footballs!
Lacking much in the way of real bloomage, I finally got round to trying a few patterns from guess which book(!), given to me at Christmas by my sister, not as a present, but because it was too complicated! I am trying but haven't picked up my knitting needles for donkey's years( why donkey's? do they live so very long??) Hopefully I will have come up with a decent sized bunch by Mothering sunday. 
ps, I was thinking about some wire to strengthen the stalks

bye for now

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