Sunday, 28 November 2010

What no pictures?

Ooh I am really happy with my last two makes..but I am planning on giving them as Christmas pressies so I can't show anyone them yet!
I can say they are sewing/embroidery projects!
Anyway busy busy with school governor stuff and sickly people the house right now we have 2 little fellas with diarrhoea( they are surprisingly well really ,but have to be off school next week for infection control reasons- harrumph, will have to find some seasonal craftiness to keep little fingers occupied) ,one broken foot bone( got off lightly for a motorbike accident, but still hobbling for a good while yet I expect!) and a chesty cold- that would be me!
Oh and a slightly poorly computer ..which I am most worried about. BUT it is keeping me on my toes by there also being a crumb or something under a key..couldn't type "o" this morning and now an odd "u" doesn't come out...I think it want attention myself!

HA HA HA I just got corrected in spell checker- who knew HARRUMPH had two r's???

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