Wednesday, 11 April 2012

School holiday felty fun

 Making things seems to slide into making things with the kids on school holidays. So I drew some finger puppet template outlines and this is what the boys came up with.
I could tell the drawing on the left was a skeleton because his speech bubble says "I am dead"!!
 The rabbit was more obvious, we just added teeth and a little tail on the back.
I am pleased with how the "mad hair" came out- I got the idea from a book of 1950's cartoon strips of a mother instructing her daughter "Judy" on all the important things in a woman's life like how to make attractive party snacks from stale bread and a top from gentleman's handkerchiefs!
I wound yarn round some folded paper then crocheted the loops together along the bottom, then doubled it over and sewed to one side of the puppet, before sewing the 2 sides together( easier to position doing it this way)

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