Friday, 1 February 2013

You think you know about the world as an adult...until your children ask you questions!
 When does Spring start is simple enough because son number1 accepted that seasons slide into each other rather than being on or off! 

It was the "How do plants know when to grow again in Spring ?" that threw me.
Do they feel it is warm or have a really good alarm clock?
No, I don't know either, but I do love to see signs of flower bulbs growing through the recent snow. I expect I will rave more about the joys of daffodils soon!
You might have noticed I have not been about...well not here anyway! So as making things seems a little more sporadic recently, I have decided to expand this blog to include some non craftiness!

Lesson of the week: typing something when feeling over passionate about a sports team, or if under the influence is  generally a bad idea. I have been on the receiving end of such abuse this week; it wasn't intended to offend me but it the core. Luckily you can defriend and block such abusers on social networking sites. If only it was as easy to rid real life of people who offend you!